Adding your Online Claiming Details for BUPA and HBF

Adding your Online Claiming Details for BUPA and HBF

It's important to put your correct BUPA Schedule Type and Payee ID on the Settings/Online screen. You will not be able to transmit claims to BUPA funds until you do.
BUPA pays some providers at 100% of MBS; those providers should set MBS as the BUPA schedule type.
Each provider has a BUPA Payee ID, call them if you need to find out what it is.
HBF (for WA only)
HBF has 3 schedules:
  1. the Basic HBF schedule;
  2. the Basic HBF schedule PLUS 10%;
  3. a schedule for preferred anaesthetists.
On your settings Choose the appropriate one for you—HBF100, HBF110 or HBF-AN respectively.
For all other providers outside of WA - you should set this to AHSA.

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