An Overview of the Software

An Overview of the Software

Cutting Edge (CE) is a medical billing application for Australian providers. It has been written especially for online claiming and payment, but also handles printed invoices and receipting. It runs on both MAC and WINDOWS.

The online claiming functions are:-

    •    Online Patient Verification (OPV)

    •    Verification of Medicare details (PVM)

    •    Verification of Fund membership (PVF) 

    •    Online Veteran's Verification (OVV)

    •    Bulk Bill claims (for Rebate-only claims, paid directly to the provider by direct deposit)

    •    Medicare claims (also know as Patient claims or PCS) where a cheque goes to the patient, and the provider can charge an out-of-pocket amount.

    •    DVA claims, paperless claims to Veterans' Affairs

    •    ECLIPSE No Gap and Known Gap claims to funds (IMC)

    •    Electronic Payment advice from Medicare, DVA and Funds (ERA)

    •    Allied Health claims (including DVA)

It does everything required for electronic claiming – compare this to other software which have limitations.

To send electronic claims, providers must register with Medicare. You don't need your own electronic certificates - all transmissions from our server to Medicare, DVA and Health Funds are secured with our Medicare-issued certificates.

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