Moving from Access Anaesthetics to Cutting Edge

Moving from Access Anaesthetics to Cutting Edge

When you are ready to make the transition from AA to CE, contact our support staff at
Our staff will assist you to migrate your settings (provider numbers, hospitals, referrers, templates etc) and give you training in the new software.

It’s important to note that we don’t bring over your historical invoices. These will remain in AA and we will give you free archival access to AA should you need to review these at any time in the future. 

It is imperative that you stop submitting claims from AA before you begin submitting claims from CE. The reason for this is that Medicare and the Funds aggregate payments for providers regardless of the source of the claim. Should you inadvertently submit claims with both products, neither will have the full list of relevant patients and invoices, and we will be unable to correctly reconcile the payments. Ideally we recommend that you wait at least 1 week from the time you stop submitting claims in AA before you send your first claim from CE. This will allow time to reconcile most of the outstanding claims in AA, giving you a clean slate in CE. While over 95% of payments resolve in less than 7 days, please be aware that some funds, notably BUPA, may take up to 4 weeks to reconcile.

If you have created estimates in AA and you want to submit them from AA then you can still create new estimates in CE however we recommend that you hold off submitting them in CE until you have cleared the estimates in AA and received payment for them.

By default, we DO NOT bring historical patient data across. If you require some of your patient data, we can bring it across on request. Please note that we only bring patients across who have two or more accounts.
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