Moving from CE5 to CE8

Moving from CE5 to CE8

The CE5 server will soon be closed down and all customers will be moved to CE8.

To login to CE8 - go to our website: > user login (Green icon).   Use the same credentials that you use to access CE5 ie.  Minor ID, User Name and Password.  If you need a password re-set - please email 

Once you have logged in - take a look around the software - all your data is there.  We do request that that you do not go back and forth between the two versions of Cutting Edge as the data is handled in a slightly different way between the two versions.

There is some customisation of the Forms and also the SMS and Emails templates and we can assist with this if required.  

Please let us know if you would like to organise a time for a run through over the phone. 

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