Online functions available in Cutting Edge

Online functions available in Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge software supports all the following functions 

Online Patient Verification
  1. PVF - Patient Verification Fund (Check the validity of patient membership details with a health fund)
  2. PVM - Patient Verification Medicare(Check the validity of patient membership details with Medicare)
  3. OVV - Online Veterans Verification (Check the validity of patient membership details with DVA
Online claiming
  1. IMC - In-Patient Medical Claim (Submit a claim to both Medicare and the health fund - Agreements and Gap Cover Schemes)
  2. PCS - Patient Claims Store and Forward (Private patient Medicare claims can be lodged with Medicare electronically saving patients from queuing at a Medicare office)
  3. Bulk Bill claims - claim the rebatable amount directly from Medicare
  4. DVA Streamlined Paperless claims - what it says! No more paperwork for DVA
Online payment reports (Reconcile your electronic claims with deposits made into your bank account)
  1. ERA - Electronic Remittance Advice 
  2. Medicare payment reports
  3. DVA payment reports

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      To Open Cutting Edge Open a web browser such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome or Opera. For best results, we recommend Chrome or Firefox browsers. Go to our website and click on Login. This will redirect you to ...
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