Reconciling Payments

Reconciling Payments

Reconciling Payments in eCLAIMS

To reconcile payments that have been processed electronically - go to eClaims > Payments.    Tick the box under the R heading if the payment matches what is in your bank account.
These payments will then be removed from the list in eClaims.   We recommend you do this on a regular basis.

Reconciling Payments in PAYMENTS
To reconcile all payments that have been processed by Cutting Edge ie. electronic, cheques, cash and manual payments entered - go to Navigation Panel > PAYMENTS - Click EDIT on the top tool bar and you are then able to tick the R box next to the relevant payment.  Once you have ticked the relevant payments - click on SAVE.  These payments will then be removed from the listing.  You can view all payments (reconciled and unreconciled) by selecting SHOW ALL PAYMENTS or HIDE RECONCILED PAYMENTS.  We recommend that you do this on a regular basis.

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