Dedicated phone numbers for SMS messages

Dedicated phone numbers for SMS messages

Our basic SMS service uses a rotating pool of numbers so it's not possible to determine in advance what number will appear on an SMS sent from CE's integrated SMS gateway.

Some patients are wary that an SMS from an unknown number requesting payment may be a scam. If you prefer, we can assign a specific number from our service provider for all outgoing SMS messages so you can advise patients that any message you send with a payment link from that number is legitimate. 

There are two options
Option 1. Dedicated number exclusively for your site - $180 annually.
Option 2. Fixed number, which might also be used by other CE sites - $120 annually.

The above amounts will be added to your subscription.

The dedicated/fixed number works exactly the same as our regular service. SMS messages are sent from the software and replies come back to the associated invoice. The same costs per outgoing SMS apply.

Contact if you would like to set up this service. We will then issue you with a number linked to our service.

Note that dedicated and fixed numbers can't be used for phone calls, they only work for SMS messages sent from CE and replies to those messages.

Also note that the integrated SMS service can only use numbers allocated by our gateway. For this reason it's not technically possible to use your own mobile number to send or receive SMS messages from CE. 

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