SMS pricing & Purchase

SMS pricing & Purchase

Cutting Edge has an integrated SMS functionality. You can send messages from the software with an optional link to a document such as a payment link, IFC, invoice or receipt. Responses to SMS messages are recorded in the software, along with a notification of any new messages.

No setup or separate account is required. Credits can be purchased from or you can automatically purchase from any invoice - click on the SEND SMS box for the option to purchase.   Credits will be applied once payment is received for the invoice.

A standard SMS is 160 characters long.  Short messages will use 1 unit of credit. Longer messages will use more than one unit.

The basic rate is 20c per unit, with discounts for larger volumes.   

Credits can be purchased for the whole site or per provider, and the site can have a mix of both, with some providers buying and using their own credits and others using the shared pool of SMS credits.

100 @ 20c = $20
500 @ 18c = $90
1,000 @ 15c = $150
5,000 @ 12.5c = $625
10,000 @ 10c = $1,000
50,000 @ 9c = $4,500
100,000 @ 8c = $8,000
(Prices ex GST).

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