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            Adding and Editing Fund Details

            Cutting Edge is regularly updated with all funds participating in ECLIPSE. You never need to add registered health funds.

            Funds created by Cutting Edge are visible to all users, and can't be edited by users.
            Please contact if you believe the information needs to be updated.

            Should you wish to manually add a specific fund, such as Workcover or an institution that you will send invoices to, go to Databases/Funds, select a similar type of fund and click Dup to make a duplicate item. Templates exist for some common situations such as state Workcover funds and the Western Australian Government Medical Services Schedule Visiting Medical Practitioners (WAGMSS VMP). 

            You should check all the settings for this new fund and give it a unique three letter identification code of your choosing.
            You can only edit Funds that you have created. To edit, go to the Databases/Funds screen and click on the arrow on the left of the item. This will show the fund details that you can edit and save. Clicking on List returns to the Funds screen.

            Updated: 21 Jul 2019 10:26 PM
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