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            Adding your Online Claiming Details for BUPA and HBF

            It's important to put your correct BUPA Schedule Type and Payee ID on the Settings/Online screen. You will not be able to transmit claims to BUPA funds until you do.
            Most providers should use the full BUPA schedule. BUPA pays some providers at 100% of MBS; those providers should set MBS as the BUPA schedule type.
            Each provider has a BUPA Payee ID, call them if you need to find out what it is.
            HBF has 3 schedules:
            1. the Basic HBF schedule;
            2. the Basic HBF schedule PLUS 10%;
            3. a schedule for preferred anaesthetists.
            On your settings Choose the appropriate one for you—HBF100, HBF110 or HBF-AN respectively.

            Updated: 21 Jul 2019 10:14 PM
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