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            HBF Schedules

            HBF has several different schedules.

            For all states except WA
            On 13 February 2017, HBF joined the AHSA Gap Cover system for all states except WA. Cutting Edge will load the appropriate state AHSA schedule.
            Copayments rules are in the the AHSA guidelines.

            In Western Australia 
            There are 3 HBF schedules for WA providers.
            1. HBFB is the basic schedule used for known-gaps where the doctor wants to charge a copayment to the patient.

            2. HBFP is the premium schedule 10% higher than the HBF schedule and is used for no-gap accounts.

            3. HBFA is the schedule for WA anaesthetists and is a no-gap schedule only
            When using the HBF known-gap schedule, the maximum gap allowable is just 10% above the HBF fee. This means that the maximum charge using this system is equal to the no-gap fee. If a higher copayment is charged, the fund will pay only the 25% rebate up to the Medicare schedule fee.

            For more details see the HBF provider registration page, select Medical Provider, then Medical Gap Provider Guide.

            Updated: 05 Aug 2019 10:01 AM
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