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            Making adjustments to ECLIPSE claims

            Once an ECLIPSE claim is submitted electronically, it is generally not possible to make adjustments electronically.
            Typical reasons for requiring adjustments may include
            1. changing date or place of service
            2. amending the fees charged
            3. adding services that were omitted, where they form part of a multi-procedure, multiple operations, anaesthetic services, diagnostic multiple services 
            If you have made a mistake and need to correct the error, you will have to wait until the claim has been paid.

            In most cases you will then need to contact the fund by email, phone or post. You can use the ECLIPSE adjustment claim Form HW023 

            Complete a separate form for each claim that needs to be adjusted.

            Where there is an omitted or rejected item that is not part of a multi-procedure, you should create a new invoice and submit that as a separate electronic claim.

            Updated: 09 Aug 2019 01:39 PM
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