Cutting Edge Software

            Online functions available in Cutting Edge

            Cutting Edge software supports all the following functions 

            Online Patient Verification
            1. PVF - Patient Verification Fund (Check the validity of patient membership details with a health fund)
            2. PVM - Patient Verification Medicare(Check the validity of patient membership details with Medicare)
            3. OVV - Online Veterans Verification (Check the validity of patient membership details with DVA
            Online claiming
            1. IMC - In-Patient Medical Claim (Submit a claim to both Medicare and the health fund - Agreements and Gap Cover Schemes)
            2. PCS - Patient Claims Store and Forward (Private patient Medicare claims can be lodged with Medicare electronically saving patients from queuing at a Medicare office)
            3. Bulk Bill claims - claim the rebatable amount directly from Medicare
            4. DVA Streamlined Paperless claims - what it says! No more paperwork for DVA
            Online payment reports (Reconcile your electronic claims with deposits made into your bank account)
            1. ERA - Electronic Remittance Advice 
            2. Medicare payment reports
            3. DVA payment reports

            Updated: 22 Jul 2019 10:50 PM
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