Registering with Health Funds

Registering with Health Funds

If you have previously given your details to health funds, there is no need to inform them that you are using ECLIPSE, unless you need to change your banking details. Inpatient Medical Claims (IMC) are transmitted via Medicare's ECLIPSE gateway, and after processing by Medicare are passed on to the participating funds. As the funds already have your bank account details linked to your provider number(s) they can process the claims and make payment into your nominated account as before.  

If you've never sent claims to funds and haven't yet nominated banking details with each fund, then you will need to do this before submitting claims, or they may be rejected. The links and contact details below will help you to get set up with the funds. This is not an exhaustive list, however, it does cover most of the funds you are likely to come across. 

AHSA is the umbrella organisation for 25+ 'Alliance' funds.
phone: (03) 9813 4088  

NOTE - BUPA issues a special 'Practice ID' when you register with them. This needs to be entered into the software on the Settings, Online page before you can submit claims. 
phone: 13 13 34 

phone: 1300 135 540 

Regional Health Funds 
There are a number of funds covering regional areas - see the AHRG list for details, and contact the relevant ones.
ARHG Member Funds

Hunter Health Insurance & Cessnock District Health Fund
Phone 02 4990 1385

HBF (for West Australia only)
email: for medical enquiries
Phone: 08 9265 6378
Fax: 08 9265 6282

Latrobe Health Services
Phone 03 5128 9200

Mildura District Hospital Fund
Phone 03 5023 0269

St.Luke’s Health
Phone 03 6331 9255

NOTE - You will also need to contact the Workers' Compensation agency and the Transport Accident authority in your home state.
They don't participate in electronic claiming and these claims need to be submitted via mail or email.
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